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captain fine
07 February 2010 @ 11:38 am
To Boldly Go...Collapse )
captain fine
07 February 2010 @ 02:03 am

LOLOLOL. Yeah. I don't know, either.

So. This is ishirkkirk. OR 'I Shirk', Kirk. WHO LOVES TO SHIRK. Or something. This is obviously a stupid rip-off of iharthdarth (and isaymckay. They are both gone now. Sadly. This is not meant to offend them or to step on toes. This is just ridiculousness.

Comics will be posted as often as possible. I don't have a life, so probably a lot.

ICONS. Feel free. Not that, you know, there's a lot here right now. LOL.

Uh.... Boldly Go.... onwards!